Cell-based Robotics, Preclinical Discovery and Clinical Diagnostic

Custom Solutions for a Range of Biotechnology Projects

AccelBio Employs Diverse Molecular Approaches and Custom Solutions for a Range of Biotechnology Projects

RNA biology
sub-cellular imaging
high-resolution imaging


  • Single Cell Genomics

  • Superresolution imaging

  • High-Throughput Robotics

  • RNA biology

  • Gene Expression Analytics

  • Stem cells / regenerative medicine

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65 Years of Experience
We are changing the way scientists and clinicians do their work by simplifying and accelerating research projects
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Innovating High-Throughput Assays for Diagnostic Testing and Drug Discovery

Animal models
Stem cell models
Custom configurations


Superior Primary Cells for Human Disease Discovery

Cancer Biology
Immunological disorders

Primary and Transgenic Cell providers

Including neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's and motor neuron disease, as well as immunological disorders like AML and Hodgkins.

Cryopreserved Cells from Genetically Modified Animals

Cryoprotection technology
Custom services
Immune Cells
Liver Cells


Our team has provided superior stem cells derived from customer sources for several regenerative medicine breakthroughs.
Cellular technologies
Genetic technologies

Regenerative Medicine

We are pioneering several applications in metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases for cGMP and cGCP production of cells for transplantation and emerging gene therapy programs. This work is in collaboration with world leaders in CDMO production of cGCP material for human clinical trials. This program implements new methodologies that fosters preservation of trans-differentiated cell states after specific gene pathway induction, differentiation or transgenic applications. We are currently working with several leading biopharmaceutical corporations in this application.

Rigorous Chain of Custody for Cells and Biologics
Regenerative medicine
Proprietary technology
Research & Discovery
Clinical Applications
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Our customers include some of the best known Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, Universities, Institutes and Laboratories in the world

What our customers say

“AccelBio swiftly executed our drug studies in animal models of disease to yield important patentable data for our discovery portfolio.”

Knut Wittkowski
CEO Asdera

“When our discovery programs require primary neurons, we always turn to AccelBio. We always get quality results that we can have a high level of confidence in.”

Christopher Rex
CSO Afraxis, Inc.
That's what we stand for
less staff time devoted to cell harvesting logistics
no more unhealthy cells, only consistently perfect cultures
substantially lower cost than in-house production
increased productivity with no lag time to experiments
superior morphology and health, yielding better scientific results
maintained cellular states for sensitive or difficult trans-differentiated cells

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