Science and Technology

Scientific investigation in clinical medicine and basic research areas are rapidly expanding the use of primary cell modeling to advance translational research, develop pharmaceutical drugs, and deliver regenerative medicine solutions to patients. Whether the demand is for primary cell cultures, patient-derived primary cell lines, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) programming, or disease modeling using transgenic animal-derived cells, there is a worldwide surge in use and increasingly sophisticated applications. However there are numerous barriers to the facile use of these technologies that result in costly, inefficient, and often unsuccessful procedures in the lab and clinic. 

To rapidly accelerate these fields, AccelBio has developed a vast array of products in verticals to deliver state-of-the-art technologies in primary cell dissociation, cryopreservation, cell culturing and gene transfer into primary cells. Patent pending science and technology behind the AccelBio portfolio are attributable to discoveries at the Company that to enable scientists to work with superior cells aiming to accelerate research and treatment in human health and disease.


Mouse hippocampal neuron grown 21 days in vitro, stained for synapses with the actin-binding drug phalloidin, and imaged using 3D wide-field digital microscopy. The image was resolved in using super-resolution deconvolution algorithms to view fine details such as the synaptic cytoskeleton, and rendered in 3D. Copyright Jason Dictenberg, PhD.