Product Specifications

Quality Control

AccelBio offers research on primary cells of a higher functional and morphological quality than most freshly isolated cells used currently in laboratories. They are routinely tested for sterility and mycoplasma toxins for each lot. Our neurons have been screened for synapse number, dendrite and axon morphological markers, intrinsic excitability, and gene expression profiling, and consistently show no significant differences from freshly isolated cells. Data packets are available upon request.


Close-up view of a neuron, with classic markers showing MAP2 (blue)-positive dendrites, actin-rich protrusions (green) and RNA-containing granules (red). Copyright Jason Dictenberg

Our cryopreserved cells always display the highest viability, over 85% after thawing. For neurons, this results in a much greater number of healthy and morphologically superior cell cultures after plating for weeks in vitro. We are setting the industry standard for performance and maximization of the time scientists spend working on living cells.


We provide users with strain data upon request. Our standard orders of hippocampal and cortical neurons are derived from wild-type C57BL6 or Swiss mice, as well as Sprague-Dawley rats. We are currently taking custom requests for specific animal strains needed for any cell type desired, including many genetically modified animals. Contact our scientific operations for details. 


Functional Comparisons between Freshly Isolated and Cryogenically Preserved Neurons

Genomic profiling (by microarray / GWAS) - no significant difference

Dendritic branching (by Scholl analysis) - no significant difference

Synapse numbers and density (using classic markers such as synapsin) - no significant difference in dendrites or cell body

Neurite Outgrowth (by time-lapse microscopy) - no significant difference

Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapse Development (using vGLUT and GAD65) - no significant difference

Instrinsic Excitability (measuring field potentials, EPSPs and IPSPs) - no significant difference


Product Specification Sheets (download here)

Mouse cortical neurons

Mouse hippocampal neurons

Rat cortical neurons

Rat hippocampal neurons