Hippocampal neuron cultured  in vitro  for 21 days, stained for actin (green), MAP2 (blue)-positive dendrites, and synapsin (red)-positive axon terminals. Copyright Jason Dictenberg, PhD.

Hippocampal neuron cultured in vitro for 21 days, stained for actin (green), MAP2 (blue)-positive dendrites, and synapsin (red)-positive axon terminals. Copyright Jason Dictenberg, PhD.

AccelBio provides results for biotechnology applications and pharmaceutical outcomes with a focus on customized neurobiology discovery research. With our expertise in molecular cell biology and animal work, we leverage premier bioassays in multiple formats, including high-throughput screens using chemically unique entities for drug discovery, and exclusive use of superior primary cells through Evergreen Biosciences. Our contract services enable the highest quality R&D focused on genetic models and disease pathways.

CRYOPRESERVED CELLS: We utilize superior cells to provide the world's pre-eminent scientists and institutions meaningful results to accelerate discoveries in human disease, including neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's and motor neuron diseases, as well as immunological disorders like AML and Hodgkins.

HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING: Using the highest quality primary cells from a preferred animal model, AccelBio provides upstream and downstream solutions for companies and institutes on the leading edge of pharmacological, genetic, and chemical screens. Using our advanced platform, we offer high quality drug libraries with preferred chemical partners to help our clients focus on specific discovery pathways and rapidly advance their program. With our preferred genomic sequencing and analytic partners derived from the Broad Institute at MIT, our clients benefit from the most advanced research resources available currently.

TRANSGENIC CELL PROVIDERS: Our transgenic provider program gives researchers the scientific and logistical advantage of receiving cryopreserved cells for any cell type that they need from their own transgenic animals. Here at AccelBio we house and maintain the breeding program for investigators, and provide timed dissections and cryopreserved cells for their use when they need the material. Our expert husbandry program combined with our proprietary preservation technology means that we can provide clinicians and scientists with superior cellular products and unprecedented service that allows them to focus on discovery.

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: Our focus on cell and genetic technologies has led our team to provide superior stem cells derived from customer preferred sources for several regenerative medicine breakthroughs. We are pioneering several applications in metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases for cGMP and cGCP production of cells for transplantation and emerging gene therapy programs. This work is in collaboration with world leaders in CDMO production of cGCP material for human clinical trials. This program implements new methodologies that fosters preservation of trans-differentiated cell states after specific gene pathway induction, differentiation or transgenic applications. We are currently working with several leading biopharmaceutical corporations in this application.

COLD CHAIN OF CUSTODY: We provide the highest level of chain of custody around cellular materials for research and clinical applications such as those used during surgery for regenerative medicine. Our barcoded vials, implemented with proprietary RF-ID and temperature monitor readout logistical solutions, enable a global shipping and receiving platform for the most demanding clients and clinical development applications. We work with global cryologistic partners to deliver our products with custom services and without delays.